WWE Paying Brock Lesnar Extra Money To Face Undertaker In A Hell in a Cell Match

Hell in a Cell

WWE is paying Brock Lesnar extra money to face The Undertaker in a Hell in a Cell Match at Hell in a Cell on Oct. 25, Dave Meltzer reports in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

Lesnar contracted dates were already assigned, leading WWE to negotiate with him for an extra date and even more money.

The decision to hold the match at Hell in a Cell was a sudden change. The original plan had been WrestleMania 32, and perhaps it shows some desperation on Vince McMahon’s part that he’s splashed even more cash on Lesnar for this extra date. Poor Raw ratings and the volatility of the Network numbers are meaning that a top draw star like Lesnar is more essential than ever before.

However, what’s also going on here, is McMahon realized the blow off match wasn’t right for WrestleMania. It didn’t feel quite like it should have done, mainly due to the confusing creative around Undertaker’s heel persona. It appears like WWE got the same vibe that fans were getting, that it just didn’t feel right for a third match in well over six months time at WrestleMania.

Instead, we’ll get the match at Hell in a Cell, which should add interest to what would have otherwise been a typically dull October for WWE.