WWE Prevents Brie Bella From Posting Video Showing Daniel Bryan Taking A Bump

Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella

During a recent Instagram Live chat with fans, Brie Bella said she filmed a video of herself training in the ring and giving Daniel Bryan a dropkick from the second rope, but WWE did not let her upload the video on YouTube because it shows the Smackdown General Manager taking a bump.

Brie was responding to a fan who asked her to put up a training video on The Bella Twins’ YouTube channel.

“I actually…did do some but they weren’t allowed to be shown,” Brie said, as she turned the camera on Bryan.

“Oh yeah, because she dropkicked me off the second rope,” replied Bryan.

Brie then explained that it wasn’t allowed to be aired.

Bryan continued, “Yeah because they’re not allowed to show me do anything wrestling-wise.”

Brie said that it’s not that she’s not hearing the fans’ requests because she is, and they found a ring and did it.

“And I was training there, still training,” her husband exclaimed.

You can see the video of the two explaining below.