WWE Removes Poll Asking Fans Who They Want To See Headline WrestleMania 33

AJ Styles

WWE.com surveyed fans last week with a poll asking which Superstar they wanted to see headline Wrestlemania 33 next year.

WWE asked, “With 100 days until Wrestlemania 33, which WWE Superstar do you want to see in the main event?”

WWE Champion AJ Styles was running away with the poll before it was deleted, with The Undertaker a distant second. We were able to capture the results before it was taken down.

40% AJ Styles

12% The Undertaker

10% Finn Bálor

7% Goldberg

5% John Cena

4% Roman Reigns

3% Bray Wyatt / Dean Ambrose / Kevin Owens / Sasha Banks / Seth Rollins

1% Brock Lesnar / Charlotte Flair / The Miz

4% Other