WWE Reportedly Offers AJ Styles A Big Money Contract

AJ Styles

Before news broke of AJ Styles possibly heading to WWE (he has not signed an actual WWE contract yet) Ring of Honor was trying to re-sign Styles to a long-term and big-money deal. The contract would see Styles work for ROH and New Japan Pro Wrestling since he is a big draw for both promotions.

According to PWTorch.com, ROH wanted to sign Styles to a six-figure deal, but WWE offered Styles with what has been described as a “blow-away offer.”

Once Styles told ROH about WWE’s offer and that he plans to sign it, ROH removed Styles from all dates he was originally advertised for. It’s always possible that he does have the option to have an ROH farewell date. ROH is trying to keep WWE from taking their talents, so they’re offering big money/exclusive deals to their talents. The best example of this was with The Young Bucks.

It should be noted that Styles said on record in previous interviews that he was looking for financial stability for his family well after his wrestling career is over.

“The thing that makes wrestling most interesting to me is going to be the business that occurs after the match is over,” Styles said in an interview with Ring Rust Radio in December. “A lot of people frown on that and say money isn’t everything. Well I say it depends on how much you have saved. My goal when I retire is to not be in a wheelchair or walk with a limp. Wherever I go, I will do my best, work harder than anybody there, and that’s just what I do. I only have one gear and if someone is looking for that and I can support my family while doing it, then that is what I will do.”