The Undertaker Defeats Goldberg In Sloppy Match At WWE Super ShowDown (Video)

Tonight at WWE Super ShowDown, pomp and circumstance accompanied both Goldberg and Undertaker as they entered King Abdullah International Stadium for their first-ever match but it was anything but glitz and glamour once the bell rang.

Goldberg struck quickly with a spear for a two count. Undertaker seized control of the match and wore the WCW icon down.

Like a quick-striking missile, Goldberg fought back and delivered three spears. An ugly, dangerous Jackhammer followed but Undertaker managed to kick out at two.

Egging his opponent on, Goldberg attempted a powerslam but the weight of “The Deadman” proved too much. Undertaker recovered, delivered a chokeslam and scored the win in the sloppy, uncoordinated main event.

Here’s video of the finish of the match.