WWE Superstars on Celebs React (Video), Kevin Owens on Roman Reigns Twitter Followers

Roman Reigns

– WWE sent us the following today:


WWE Superstars Seth Rollins®, Roman Reigns®, Chris Jericho®, Big Cass®, Enzo Amore®, Kofi Kingston®, Alicia Fox®, Rusev®, Lana®, Titus O’Neil® and Sheamus® will appear in Fullscreen’s new episode of the popular series “Celebs React.” These WWE Superstars will be put to the test in a special “WWE Laugh Challenge” where they are challenged to not laugh or even crack a smile at the silliest, cutest, and more ridiculous video clips found on the internet.

Additionally, an exclusive “Celebs React” segment featuring the popular “Bean Boozled Challenge” was released today on WWE’s YouTube Channel. Based on the Jelly Belly game Beanboozled, WWE Superstsars play a game of chance where they have to spin the wheel and eat a jelly bean of that selected color. The jelly bean is either a delicious sweet flavor like strawberry banana smoothie or juicy pear, or a disgusting flavor like barf, spoiled milk or dead fish! The odds are fifty-fifty, but the reactions are 100 percent outrageous!

“Celebs React,” a Fullscreen collaboration with Fine Brothers Entertainment, features stars from television, movies, online and music in a show that will chip away at their perfectly polished veneer to catch their unfiltered reactions to the funniest, gnarliest and most cringe-worthy videos on the web. New episodes will air each Tuesday till the mid-season finale on December 20, 2016. “Celebs React” was created by Benny and Rafi Fine who also serve as executive producers alongside Max Benator, Tara Siener and Brandie Tucker.

– As noted earlier, WWE United States Champion Roman Reigns tweeted about defeating Chris Jericho on last night’s RAW, blaming the finish on Kevin Owens. The WWE Universal Champion then had to deal with Reigns’ Twitter followers, leading to Owens joking about RAW bosses Stephanie McMahon and Mick Foley taking action for the tweet. Check out the exchange below:

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