Which WWE Superstars Have Not Been Assigned To A Brand?


Following last Tuesday’s WWE Draft, here is the list of current Superstars who have yet to be assigned to either Raw or SmackDown — this list doesn’t include various announcers and Vince McMahon.

* Brie Bella (retired, though no official announcement from WWE)

* Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (infrequent appearances)

* Emma (sidelined with injury)

* Heath Slater (wasn’t chosen in the WWE Draft)

* Luke Harper (sidelined with injury)

* Nikki Bella (sidelined with injury)

* Paul Heyman (not drafted with Brock Lesnar, contract has reportedly expired)

* Rosa Mendes (still off the road after giving birth in February)

* Ryback (off the road due to a contract dispute; said his contract will expire by October)

* Tamina Snuka (sidelined with injury)

* Triple H (has yet to return to television)

* Tyson Kidd (sidelined with injury)

* The Undertaker (status unknown)