WWE Tag Team Possibly Getting A Makeover, Konnan Talks About Racism In Wrestling


– Konnan addressed the subject of racism in wrestling during an interview with Vice.com.

Konnan, who worked for WCW and TNA, was asked about the reaction in the locker room toward rap music.

“They didn’t like it, you know, there were a lot of racial comments made toward that type of music, but I always considered the source. I always said to myself, ‘You know, these guys are from the south, they probably went to school where all whites went to one, all blacks went to another. I’m sure they’re still getting over the shock that Tiger Woods is better than any white golfer.’ You know, that’s how it was back then. They were kind of a little bit narrow minded when it comes to that,” he said.

“Right now, we’re living in a multi-ethnic world, with so many mixed marriages and so many things that are crossing the boundaries that just weren’t accepted then. They didn’t have gay marriage in their day. So I just always considered the source, bro.”

– The team of Fandango and Tyler Breeze could be getting a makeover following next month’s WWE Draft. WWE creative writers want to give the duo a “different feel.”