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Did Carmella and Big Cass Break Up?

Carmella and Big Cass

Did Carmella and Big Cass break up?

Some fans have pointed out that Carmella has removed almost all references of Cass from her social media accounts.

Apparently, she’s taken down Instagram posts featuring Cass and stopped following him on Twitter.

The couple has, or had, been dating since 2014 when they were together on NXT. Their relationship is featured on this season of Total Divas.

Here is Carmella introducing Cass on Total Divas, where she also talks about her desire to move from Orlando, Florida to Los Angeles, California.

In this second clip, they were filmed housing-hunting in Los Angeles. Cass, however, isn’t too interested in the idea.

They eventually bought a house together, which Carmella revealed in an Instagram post in September. That post has since been deleted.