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If you’re gonna do it, do it with Flair. And that’s exactly what Charlotte Flair has done since her wrestling debut in 2013.

Nude Photos Of Charlotte Flair Leak →
Nude photos of Charlotte Flair have leaked online. The self-proclaimed “Queen” of WWE confirmed on Twitter that she had been hacked — with multiple nude selfies being spread across various sites and social networks

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Nude Photos Of Charlotte Flair Leak Online

Nude photos of Charlotte Flair leak online as the WWE Superstar says private images got stolen and shared without her consent.

Nude photos of Charlotte Flair — real name Ashley Elizabeth Fliehr (aka Ashley Flair) — have leaked online.

The self-proclaimed “Queen” of WWE confirmed on May 4, 2017, via Twitter that she got hacked — with multiple nude selfies being spread across various websites and social networks.

Flair, who is the daughter of WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair, urged those responsible to remove the photos.

“Private photos of mine were stolen and shared publicly without my consent,” she tweeted. “These images must be removed from the Internet immediately.”

The tweet has since been deleted.

The photos show Flair taking several selfies in front of a mirror with her cell phone — fitted with a WWE-branded case.

There are at least 10 photos of Flair fully naked. A handful of other shots shows the WWE Superstar in her underwear.

Due to restrictions with our advertisers, we cannot display the nude photos. However, we can show you the leaked photos of Charlotte in her underwear.

This leak comes two months after explicit shots of fellow WWE Superstar Paige surfaced online for all to see.

Not only did nude photos of the Total Divas star get leaked, but sex videos as well.

The very same month, Summer Rae shot down reports that nude images of her had emerged.

“As they say, dont believe everything you see on the internet,” she tweeted. “There’s people out there with a lot of time on their hands & a big imagination.”

Alexa Bliss also took to Twitter to dispute some risqué photos that allegedly circulated of her.

“The risqué photos on the Internet supposedly of me are bogus,” she wrote in April. “I am offended and demand these altered photos be removed immediately.”

Former WWE Superstars Kaitlyn, Maria Kanellis, Melina Perez, and Victoria were also targeted by hackers as naked photos of them spread across various websites and social networks.