Nikki Bella Says Brie 'Feels Lost' Without WWE -

Nikki Bella Says Brie ‘Feels Lost’ Without WWE

The Bella Twins

Nikki Bella believes her sister Brie “feels lost” without WWE.

The Total Divas star retired from WWE last April in order to focus on starting a family with her husband Bryan Danielson, and Nikki now says she thinks the fact Brie — who is now expecting a daughter — didn’t get pregnant as soon as she retired put her in an “in-between stage.”

Speaking on last Wednesday’s episode of Total Divas, Nikki said, “Brie retired from WWE because she can’t be a mom and wrestle at the same time. Giving that up and not automatically getting pregnant, I feel like she’s just in this in-between stage. And I think she feels lost and it kind of makes me feel bad for her.”

The news comes after Nikki revealed last week that although Brie still has four weeks left on her pregnancy, the 33-year-old looks like she’s “due any minute.”

She said, “She looks like she’s due any minute, but yeah she’s due in about four weeks.

“Pregnancy has been great for her, she’s in the stage where she is getting a bit uncomfortable and can’t wait to have the baby. But she looks so beautiful pregnant, she has this amazing glow.”