Shaquille O'Neal Says WrestleMania Match With Big Show 'Probably' Isn't Happening -

Shaquille O’Neal Says WrestleMania Match With Big Show ‘Probably’ Isn’t Happening

Shaquille O'Neal and Big Show

We heard from one side of the long-rumored Big Show vs. Shaquille O’Neal match at WrestleMania 33 when “The World’s Largest Athlete” called out the NBA great in an interview with last week for dodging him and hinting the bout wouldn’t happen.

Now Shaq is giving us his side of the story.

On The Big Podcast With Shaq, O’Neal responded to being told that Big Show has been quoted in the media as saying the match probably will not happen by saying that it is probably true and that it is not his fault.

“That’s probably right. It’s not my fault. That’s all you need to know. It ain’t my fault,” O’Neal said. “Oh, it ain’t my fault. It [doesn’t] matter what they say. I’m just letting you know. It has nothing to do with The Diesel and his management. That’s all I’ve got to say. But, but, but, it’s not totally off yet. But it’s not looking good. But it doesn’t matter. I’m still working out. I still look way better than Big Show and I’ll still meet him anywhere he wants to meet.”

O’Neal said that he will continue to workout as though the match is still taking place.

“These next 30 days, I’m about to go hard, so I’m still doing it like it’s going down. I actually start two-a-days on March 1st. Then, it’s going down. I’m going on vacation from March 2nd to the 7th. And then, from the 8th to like the 29th, two-a-days, sometimes three-a-days. It’s going down, Big Show. Just saying, it ain’t me, America.”