Is Alberto Del Rio Joining TNA?

Alberto Del Rio

Alberto Del Rio may no longer be in WWE, but he certainly hasn’t stepped away from the spotlight.

After parting ways with the company in September, the 39-year-old has stayed in the headlines due to his relationship with Paige and some odd incidents outside of the ring.

The four-time WWE World Champion has been working for various independent groups but has said his days in the ring are winding down. Though he appears to be in the twilight of his career, TNA has expressed interest in bringing him to the company.

According to a report by on Friday, it doesn’t look like he will be joining the company.

With John Gaburick no longer making personnel and creative decisions, the push to bring in Del Rio is over since he was the main person pushing for him.

Del Rio was at one point scheduled to appear at last month’s tapings in Orlando, Florida, but a decision was made to hold him off for the March shows.

There had been on and off talks with Del Rio since he left WWE.

Gaburick is working in the production department.