Another Big Movie for The Rock and Kevin Hart?

The Rock

– Variety reports that Sony is in talks with The Rock and Kevin Hart to star in a remake of 1995 Robin Williams movie “Jumanji,” which was based on the 1981 book.

Variety sources said Rock and Hart both have big workloads coming up but they are moving closer towards a deal. It was noted that Rock’s “Rampage” movie is possibly being moved to 2017, so the idea would be to film “Jumanji” before the third season of HBO’s “Ballers” starts.

Sony feels the two had great chemistry hosting the MTV Movie Awards and with their “Central Intelligence” comedy coming out this summer, they see this as the perfect chance to pair them up for another movie.

The movie is set to be released on July 28th, 2017 with filming beginning this August in Honolulu, Hawaii. The Rock will also film “Fast and Furious 8” this summer.

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