Backstage News On Enzo and Big Cass Break-up Angle On Raw

As seen this past Monday on Raw, security footage unearthed by Corey Graves revealed that Big Cass was behind the mysterious attacks on his supposed best friend Enzo Amore.

Cass confessed to all of it: He attacked Enzo after having had his fill of “putting up with his crap” (including, recently, trash-talking Conor McGregor on Twitter), sticking by Enzo’s side and bailing him out of trouble until he couldn’t take it anymore. He even admitted to extending the controversy to see if Enzo was smart enough to figure it out. Cass laid into his tag team partner with such vitriol that Enzo shed tears, claiming Amore was the “dead weight” that had prevented him from ever becoming a champion in WWE. And then, he finally put Enzo down with a big boot to the face.

Dave Meltzer discussed the angle on Wrestling Observer Radio and said their feud won’t be long. Behind the scenes, the belief is that they wouldn’t mesh well in the ring and produce good matches.

The idea behind the angle was to break Cass away from Enzo. WWE officials want push Cass on his own and feel he will be a bigger star.

WWE plans on blowing of their program at WWE Great Balls of Fire on July 9. Cass will then begin a program with Big Show, which would lead to a match at SummerSlam on August 20.

As for Enzo, Meltzer said he would fit best on 205 Live going forward. However, it is not known at this time whether Enzo will be on 205 Live.