Backstage News On Kane’s Return To WWE Television


This past Monday on Raw, Kane made a shocking return to WWE television by attacking Roman Reigns and aligning himself with Braun Strowman, The Miz, Cesaro and Sheamus against The Shield.

On Tuesday, Mike Johnson of revealed WWE’s plans for “The Big Red Machine” going forward and he suggested that fans won’t be seeing him on Monday Night Raw for too long since his return is intended to be short-term.

Whilst Johnson stated that Kane’s return has been in the works for a few months now, he also said that there isn’t much planned for him beyond WWE TLC this Sunday, where he will team with Strowman, The Miz, Cesaro and Sheamus against The Shield in a 5-on-3 Handicap Match. He is only expected to be back for a month or so.

In the main event of Raw, Reigns clashed with Strowman inside a steel cage, with all hell eventually breaking loose. The Bar and the rest of The Shield interfered before being locked out of the arena by The Miz. Kane then emerged inside the ring and demolished Reigns, together with Strowman.