Backstage News on Possible Plans for The Wyatt Family, Sting and Roman Reigns Getting a Partner?

Bray Wyatt

– As seen at WWE Battleground last night, Luke Harper reunited with Bray Wyatt to help him defeat Roman Reigns. This is the storyline where Sting is expected to make his return.

While a tag match with Sting and Reigns vs. Wyatt and Harper is expected at SummerSlam, it may be a six-man match as the original plan was Sting, Reigns and Dean Ambrose vs. Wyatt, Harper and Erick Rowan but Rowan is out of action with an injury. Dave Meltzer noted on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio that we may see a new Wyatt Family member introduced because Rowan is out.

On a related note, WWE is hoping that fans won’t boo Reigns because he will be partnered up with Sting but with SummerSlam taking place in New York City, they could easily boo Reigns and cheer Sting.

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