Backstage News On What Daniel Bryan Agreed To In Order To Get Cleared By WWE

Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan revealed in an interview with WWE this week that he was cleared to return to in-ring competition by WWE on Monday.

While he was cleared on Monday, the decision wasn’t finalized until very shortly before WWE made the public announcement of his return on Tuesday, according to Dave Meltzer in the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

Meltzer adds that, for the time being, Bryan will undergo impact testing and have a neuropsychological evaluation done after every match when he returns.

He wrote, “The only difference between him and every other wrestler on the roster is that part of his agreement when getting WWE to send him to leading neurologists of Maroon’s choosing to get evaluated, is that he agreed, after every match, until WWE was comfortable that he was okay, he would go to the WWE doctors backstage and get Impact testing and a neuropsychological evaluation done.”