Becky Lynch On Her Favorite WWE Diva Growing Up, Her Finishing Move, Childhood Wrestling Memories

Becky Lynch

In an interview promoting WWE’s upcoming live event in Fort Myers, Florida at the Germain Arena, Becky Lynch talked about growing up as a fan of WWE, who her favorite Diva was growing up, her Dis-arm-her finishing maneuver and more.

Becky Lynch on falling back in love with wrestling because of Mick Foley:

“I stopped watching wrestling when I was 10, because, you know, I got too cool for it — or so I thought! I don’t know how anybody could think that about wrestling! It’s the coolest thing in the world. But that’s what I thought when I was 10.

“He [Foley] was so sympathetic, and I just fell in love with wrestling again. And I’d tell my brother, ‘Let me know when Mick Foley comes on again.’ And then I got soooo back into it and wanted to know all the storylines. Then it was the coolest thing in the world. And I couldn’t believe for a second that I would doubt my love for it!”

Her Dis-arm-her finishing maneuver, which she learned from Goldust:

“It’s a move I can get on from anywhere. It’s a move that, if they don’t tap out, it will literally rip their shoulder out of their socket (laughs). So it’s a good finishing move to have! . . . If you don’t tap out, game over.”

Working with Lita, her idol growing up:

“I could never relate to, say, Trish or Torrie. Lita, obviously, was gorgeous. But they (the other Divas) were these beautiful, blonde modelesque girls. And then Lita was just this cool badass that you wanted to be friends with. And she was a bit of a rebel, and I guess that’s how I felt when I was a teenager. She was like my idol. I dyed my hair red. And I was walking around with the baggy pants (I was already doing that because I was a little bit of a skater, anyway) . . . She was my inspiration.

She’s fantastic! It’s a little bit surreal, still. But she’s so down to earth and so cool and so easy to talk to, you forget that this was your childhood hero.”

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