Is Becky Lynch Interested In Joining Total Divas?

Becky Lynch

With Eva Marie reportedly leaving Total Divas, there has been speculation about casting changes for the popular reality show. And there apparently have been reports suggesting that Becky Lynch could join the show.

During an interview with USA Today, Lynch was asked about the rumors and if she would be interested in joining Total Divas.

“Honestly, you’re the first person that’s said that to me. I haven’t heard anything about that,” Lynch said.

“I think there’s a certain – not a whole lot – but a certain amount of mystery of me that I don’t really envision that as the best option for me to take part in. It’s a tremendous opportunity for those that do it, I just don’t know that it’s my thing. When I envisioned my life as a little girl, that was never in my horizons. I’m going to stay with what I want in the future. I don’t see that being reality TV.”

Lynch, who has been wrestling since she was 15-years-old, turned 30 in January. She was asked how she feels about dealing with an age with a zero on the end.

“That was a tough one for me. When you’re a little kid, you think when I’m 30, I’m going to have this and do that. I think when I was a kid, I thought I was going to have five kids by 30. I have none. I think the way my life has turned out has been pretty darn good and I couldn’t imagine it any better at the moment. I think that’s a better way of measuring as opposed to what you thought you’d be when you were younger and you didn’t have a clue,” Lynch said.

“I don’t think I’ve enjoyed a birthday since I turned 19. When I was 19, I thought this is great. Then it was like, “Darn, I’m not 19 anymore.” I kinda wanted to get it out of my head that I’m getting older. In the end, though, it doesn’t make a difference really.”