Becky Lynch On Why She Likes Sheamus So Much, James Ellsworth Accepting Indy Bookings, John Cone

Becky Lynch

During an interview with The Wrap, Becky Lynch was asked why she likes Sheamus so much.

“Because look at him! He’s this giant six-foot-something, pale as … I don’t know what. Pale as a white egg — a man with giant red hair. He comes with his mohawk — he’s just a big, giant a—kicker,” Lynch replied. “He really is huge. So, you know how you always look bigger when you’ve got a tan, right? But he’s that big and he’s pale as anything… How big would he look [tan]? He’s a colossal man.

“I remember seeing him for the first time, right? I was 17, I think it was his first independent show. It was in the school hall of where I went to high school — also the same school that U2 went to [in Dublin]. And he came out there, and I was just like, ‘Jesus, that guy is just gigantic.’ You didn’t see people that size in Ireland. You just didn’t, ya know? And I was like, ‘Yeah, he’s gonna make it.'”

– After being released by WWE on Wednesday, James Ellsworth announced on Twitter that he is accepting bookings for dates beginning on February 12, 2018.

– WWE referee John Cone celebrates his birthday today as he turns 43 years old.