Big Show Reveals When He Will Retire

Big Show

Big Show’s interview with Steve Austin on the Stone Cold Podcast immediately following last night’s episode of Monday Night Raw is worth going out of your way to see but very early on they addressed the elephant in the room: How much longer Show plans on wrestling for WWE.

Or, as Austin put it, how many years he has left in the tank.

“Two,” said Show.

He expanded on that, stating, “No, I’m not going to retire anytime soon, barring injuries. I love what I do every day and I think if you take an honest consensus poll of all the guys that I work with they’re very happy to have me here.”

Why leave when he’s having such a good time?

“Absolutely, man, it’s why I do it,” said Show. :I’ve done everything I could do at my stage as a giant, as a performer. I’ve had championships, I’ve won ’em all. Been fortunate enough to compete against the greatest names this business has ever seen and some of the future greats. I have fun every day I go to work.”