Brad Maddox on Talking WWE Creative with Vince McMahon, Reaction to His Dark Match Promo, More

Brad Maddox

– As noted, WWE fired Brad Maddox last month after he called fans in Indianapolis, Indiana “pricks” during a dark match promo. Vince McMahon was watching and did not like what he heard, leading to Maddox’s release.

Maddox just spoke with Aaron Oster of Rolling Stone about his release, if he has any regrets about his WWE career, his future and more. The full interview can be found at this link. Below are highlights:

Did you get a chance to sit down with Vince and try to explain your side at all?

No, I didn’t get a chance to talk to him before I left. I wanted to, but I didn’t get a chance to. When I came to the back, people seemed split on it. Half the locker room didn’t think I could say that, the other half didn’t see a problem with it. To me, it’s like saying “screw you.” I didn’t think it was inappropriate at all, especially for a dark match. I was out there trying to work up the crowd. It’s not for TV. I’m making fun of the hometown and their football team and talking to them directly. I was just trying to warm the crowd up, that was my role. It just didn’t work out.

Do you feel like Vince is more accessible and open-minded than his reputation leads people to believe?

If that reputation is still around, then it’s a myth. He likes guys who knock on his door. He’s a creative mastermind, so he likes it when you come in and pitch him an idea so he can sit there and think about it with you. You can talk about the creative side of wrestling with him. I think there’s a stigma that Vince’s door is more intimidating than he is. When I came back, I wasn’t afraid to knock on his door anymore, but I was delighted that once I did, he was really easy to talk to. He was really easy to pitch ideas to, and he was listening to what you just pitched him, and he would give feedback. He might give you different ideas. He was really cool to work with.

What were some of the ideas you were pitching to get back on TV?

I did this one thing where I acted like I was lost in a cave, in Mexico. I put these videos out online. Then it turns out that I wasn’t lost, it was just a publicity stunt. It turns out that I had lost my mind, but it wasn’t because I was stuck in a cave, it was from being stuck at home. I wanted to turn into a guy who just flipped out from falling off his mantle as being the most important man on Raw to a guy who lost his dream job and everything else with it. A guy who became mentally unstable, though not in a Dean Ambrose way. I messed around with some split-personality stuff as well. I like to try to get creative, and sometimes I go too far outside the box. Those were some of my favorite pitches.

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