Braun Strowman Wants To Face Roman Reigns In The Ring Alone On Raw, “The Big Dog” Responds

Braun Strowman wants to face Universal Champion Roman Reigns in the ring alone this Monday night on Raw.

During a heated Universal Championship Raw main event pitting Roman Reigns against Finn Balor — the first person to hold that title — Braun Strowman emerged with his Money in the Bank contract in tow, making it clear that whoever won the match would, indeed, “get these hands.”

“The Big Dog” won with a ring-shaking Spear, but when “The Monster Among Men” attempted to cash in for his guaranteed title opportunity against the battle-weary champion, Reigns’ Shield brothers, Intercontinental Champion Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose, emerged to overpower the opportunistic behemoth and lay him out with a thunderous Triple Powerbomb through the announce desk.

Strowman still has his contract, but he also has a massive score to settle with “The Big Dog.” Via Twitter, “The Monster Among Men” said he wants Reigns to confront him in the middle of the ring on Raw, without his Shield brothers.

In a tweet this morning, “The Big Dog” accepted Strowman’s challenge.