Bray Wyatt Coming Back With A Different Character?

Bray Wyatt

Bray Wyatt, who is no stranger to unexpectedness, purged his entire Twitter feed on Saturday and left one puzzling note that signals an imminent change. has an article on this and raised some questions on what it means:

“While mysteriousness is usually a part of Wyatt’s toolbelt, the message does pose many questions. What could this dispatch mean for Wyatt’s future? How will this impact the Raw brand? When should we expect this “different” Wyatt to emerge?”

This could really mean a different character. Ryan Satin of Pro Wrestling Sheet heard from a WWE source that Wyatt would be undergoing a character shift upon his return.

Aside from a surprise appearance two weeks ago at WWE Starrcade and random social media activity, Wyatt has largely been off the grid since his partnership with Matt Hardy dissolved. 

Wyatt last appeared on television on Raw on August 13, teaming with Hardy in a loss to then-Raw Tag Team Champions The B-Team. They continued teaming at live events through September 15 since Hardy wanted to appear at all the live events he was scheduled for. 

Wyatt’s Starrcade appearance was to replace the injured Braun Strowman in a match against Baron Corbin. Wyatt beat Corbin, and then beat him again after Raw’s “General Manager-Elect” ordered a rematch.

While a one-hour broadcast aired the following night on the WWE Network, no mention was made of the match.