What Caused Eva Marie’s WWE Suspension?

Eva Marie

In a report by TMZ on Friday, their sources within WWE claim the Total Divas star’s suspension was triggered by a test which indicated she had Adderall in her system.

In a statement issued to Pro Wrestling Sheet shortly before TMZ ran their story, Eva Marie claimed her violation was due to somehow failing to provide paperwork to WWE’s medical team in a timely fashion. This report states the paperwork in question was her prescription for the ADHD drug.

Without documentation from a doctor describing her condition and the need for the prescription, Adderall was not on her approved medications list, making it’s presence in her samples a violation and a suspendable offense — according to TMZ‘s WWE sources.

The drug, a combination of amphetamine and dextroamphetamine, can be abused as a stimulant. It was what triggered Adam Rose’s Wellness suspension in April, and was also rumored to be the substance that led Roman Reigns to be suspended in June.

The TMZ report also says Eva will appeal the suspension, which was not mentioned in her statement.