Charlotte On Being Dropped On Her Head By Nia Jax On Raw, How She Felt The Next Day

For someone who calls herself The Queen, Charlotte Flair’s had a rough couple of weeks.

She lost at WrestleMania, Nia Jax beat her up at the end of last week’s Six-Woman Tag Team Match when she tried to blame Jax for the loss, and then she lost one-on-one to Jax herself last Monday on Raw.

As if that wasn’t enough, Charlotte landed on her head after an imperfect shoulder breaker attempt from Nia Jax on Monday. The referee immediately rushed in to check on her. The match continued and Charlotte went up for her trademark moonsault. She flipped and appeared to kick Jax in the head while Charlotte landed face — and chest — first outside the ring.

During an interview with USA Today‘s For The Win, Charlotte said the end result looked worse than it was.

“It didn’t really affect me … That’s up to the viewer on how they viewed it that it looked nasty,” she said. “It’s going to take a lot more than dropping me on my head to keep me down.”

Asked if she felt more sore than usual Tuesday morning after the move, she said, “No. Knock on wood, I haven’t missed a live event, I haven’t been injured. I know my body and I’m think I’m extremely well-trained. I looked at it as, ‘Hey, bring it. I’ll see you next time, woman.’ …”

What does Charlotte think about losing her last match on Raw?

“For me, considering it was my last match on Raw, I looked at it Nia takes that win and can build off it because I’m not easy to beat. But I look forward to facing Nia again because I don’t think that rivalry ends there. One day, we’ll be butting heads again.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Charlotte also discussed moving to SmackDown LIVE, facing Becky Lynch again, having fresh opponents on SmackDown, her robe at WrestleMania and more.