Chyna Posts Video Asking For Meeting With WWE, Triple H and Vince McMahon


Former WWE Intercontinental and Women’s Champion Chyna has been in the news lately, as she has tried to put herself back on the map in support of raising funding for a documentary on her life. She has created some controversy in the process.

After Triple H openly discussed on “Stone Cold” Steve Austin’s podcast on why he did not believe Chyna will be in the WWE Hall of Fame anytime soon, she began to make comments regarding their past relationship. She accused him of physical and verbal abuse while together, which forced a response from WWE. The company adamantly denied any such incidents occurring, and noted it was on Chyna for allegedly falsifying the accusations. She also got into it with former boyfriend Sean Waltman on a radio show recently, where they discussed their rocky past.

Last week, however, things escalated. Chyna showed up unexpectedly at WWE headquarters, and posted a picture from inside. It was said no one in WWE knew she was coming, and she did not receive a chance to speak with anyone inside.

This does not appear to have deterred her, however. In a new video, which can be seen below, Chyna addresses what she wants out of WWE:

In the video, she explains WWE was the best part of her career, and that is why she is pushing so hard to get into the WWE Hall of Fame. She claims she wants to bury the hatchet with WWE, and more specifically, Triple H. She says in the clip she wants to meet with Vince McMahon and Triple H in person in order to smoothen things over.

Also of note, she appears angered by people referring to her by her old name, and wishes to only be called by her legal name, Chyna.