CM Punk on Conor McGregor “Working” Wrestlers, How Confident He Is for His UFC Debut, WWE Locker Room, More

CM Punk

Above is audio of former WWE Champion and current UFC star CM Punk talking to Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg to promote tonight’s FS1 documentary and the UFC 203 fight against Mickey Gall. Belows are highlights:

* Punk says he agreed to let cameras get a glimpse of what his life is like for the “Evolution of Punk” documentary that begins tonight. He says some have seen these parts of his life before but not to this magnitude. He says it will be part inspiring, part embarrassing, part boring for some people and part exciting for everyone else

* The cameras began following him day 1. He says he felt like it was necessary to document his journey to the Octagon to show how hard everyone works and how real it is

* Punk says he was 220 pounds when he walked into the gym and now he’s right over 190. Punk says he feels amazing and wishes he could fight tomorrow. He says the training is difficult but he loves it so much that it almost makes it easy and he’s having the time of his life

* Regarding Conor McGregor “trolling” WWE Superstars recently, Punk wasn’t surprised to see it. Punk says there are tough guys in wrestling but you don’t have to be tough to be in the WWE locker room anymore. He says it’s a different world and a different business from when he started and even from when he was last there. Punk says what shocked him the most was the number of people in WWE who responded and should have known better. Punk says they all got worked, including Ric Flair. Punk says he’s not harping on just WWE because non-WWE wrestlers fell for it too. He says fighting on Twitter is embarrassing

* Rosenberg asked when was the last time Punk felt he had to be tough in a wrestling locker room. Punk says WWE was once like that but it’s changed. He named people like Ric Flair, Shawn Michaels, Chris Benoit, The Undertaker, Edge and several others as people in the locker room when he came in, which caused him to have to fight for his spot

* He does not miss having a weekly platform to get on TV and be the CM Punk character in front of millions of people. He says he doesn’t even know if he could do it anymore and he did it for so long that he thinks he got most of it out of his system

* Regarding the fight against Gall next month and post-match plans, Punk says everything hinges on that night. He says a huge part of him is going to want to keep the train rolling and get the next fight set but another part of him is going to want to go to a bunch of Cubs games. Punk says there is no assuming, he’s going to win. He’s never been more confident about something in his life. Punk says he will probably take a beach vacation with wife AJ Lee but he will get bored and will be ready to get the next fight going

* He says AJ is not freaked out at having to sit and watch Punk in a real fight, she’s more freaked out that he’s not eating pancakes with her every day

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