CM Punk Involved In Altercation With Fan While Commentating MMA Event (Video and Photo)

CM Punk

CM Punk took issue with a fan getting too close to him during Cage Fury Fighting Championships’ CFFC 77 event in Atlantic City, New Jersey on Friday.

After a fight between Christopher Daukaus and Danny Holmes came to an end due to referee stoppage, a fan who had been heard in the background throughout the night yelling expletives came near the cage taking issue with the decision. He came so close to the cage that he was next to Punk himself, who could be heard on television reprimanding the fan.

“Bro, you need to back the fuck up,” Punk said. “You need to get the f…”

Before Punk could finish his sentence, you can hear his headset get taken off since he got up to deal with the fan. Punk’s commentary partner Mike Gill then said, “Well, minor situation developing here. There was a gentleman that was right on the back of my broadcast partner here, and looks like he’s now being potentially escorted out of the building.”

Security quickly surrounded the fan and spoke to Punk as well, but Punk was clearly miffed by the situation.

“I’m sitting here with a headset and I’m doing my fucking job and he did exactly what you’re doing right now Mike,” Punk said. “He screams bullshit in my face.”

Prior to the main event, Punk seemed to make reference to the incident on Twitter before finishing the night out on commentary.

Here’s a clip of the television broadcast while the altercation took place.

Here’s a photo of Punk moments after the altercation.