Dean Ambrose Hates The Money in the Bank Cash-in, Challenges Sheamus To A Parking Lot Fight Before Raw

Dean Ambrose

Minutes after Roman Reigns defeated his best friend, Dean Ambrose, to prevail in the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Tournament, Sheamus cashed in his Money in the Bank contract and pinned Reigns to snatch the title from him. So what happened to Ambrose afterwards?

When asked by about his whereabouts this morning during an interview with the Bear Hug It Out podcast promoting tonight’s Raw at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tennessee, Ambrose answered that question before cutting a promo on both Sheamus and the Money in the Bank contract.

I was putting ice on my swollen head. I was just giving the ring to my brother after a war, you know? It was a sabotage! It was a hit! It just happened. But that’s the thing, man. I was just talking about this: These briefcases are ruining the tradition of our industry. What would Jack Briscoe, Dory Funk… you think Dory Funk Jr. ever cashed in a briefcase on somebody? This is not how men won championships. This is not the foundation that our business was built on. Pat Patterson battled through 16 men on one hot, sweaty night in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to become the Intercontinental champion. He was backstage last night, probably with a tear in his eye, probably disgusted that a man would just jump a man who had already wrestled twice that night and sabotaged his way to a championship. How can you be proud of that? How can you be proud? These briefcases… I hate the whole briefcase thing. This man is not a champion, a man’s champion of men, this Irish punk.

What I have done — this has nothing to do with the WWE championship, this is a matter of principle. This is a matter of righting a wrong. When I see Pat Patterson in tears that his business has been reduced to men cashing in briefcases, I feel like I have to do something. So I have challenged Sheamus tonight at 2 p.m. in the parking lot of the Bridgestone Arena. Get your tickets to Monday Night Raw but show up early. I will be in the parking lot of Bridgestone Arena at 2 p.m. People of Nashville, spread the word!

Ambrose also spoke on heel turns, picking out the proper wrestling jeans, Luke Harper’s tank top and his favorite traveling partner. You can check out the video interview here.