Did Mick Foley Help His Son Get a Job with WWE?, Which WWE Official Liked His Ideas, More

Dewey Foley

The main reason WWE is hiring Mick Foley’s son Dewey Foley appears to be because of his creative writings and ideas, which a number of people in the company liked, including Triple H.

Mick’s only involvement was reaching out to WWE and telling them his son was interested in a job, and asking who Dewey should e-mail his samples to or who Dewey should contact. Word is that Dewey did most of this on his own.

There were some people in WWE shocked to hear that fans would think Mick used his Facebook blog to write negatively about WWE just to help his son. With that said, it’s likely that Mick didn’t do Dewey any favors by writing about his son going to work for the company and it was said by a source that Dewey could be coming in with a little bit of heat.

As noted, Dewey is coming in as a creative writer’s assistant in January. He wont have any real power at first but this is a foot in the door and the first step to becoming a writer.