Drew McIntyre In Line For A Big Push On Raw

Drew McIntyre

If you’ve been paying attention to Drew McIntyre’s matches on Raw every week, then you probably noticed that he’s always “protected” even when he loses and is never pinned.

This past week on Raw, Intercontinental Champion Seth Rollins beat McIntyre via count-out to qualify for the WWE World Cup. Then in the main event, The Shield beat Braun Strowman, Dolph Ziggler and McIntyre, with Ziggler taking the pin following a Triple Powerbomb.

Having hit his limit, “The Monster Among Men” flattened Ziggler with a Running Powerslam, only to be struck again with the Claymore Kick by McIntyre, this time on purpose.

On the post-Raw edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer indicated that Vince McMahon has big plans for McIntyre (h/t WrestlingNews.co).

“The whole Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre thing was supposed to be … it was supposed to be a takeoff on Shawn Michaels and Diesel,” Meltzer said.

“When Shawn Michaels and Diesel were put together, the idea was to build Diesel to be a superstar because he ticked all the boxes. Hopefully, this one works better.”

Meltzer added, “We know [at least] half of it will be better because Drew McIntyre is a much better wrestler than Kevin Nash. Whether he can carry a company, you never know until a guy is put in that position.”

Rajah.com reported the night before Raw that WWE is grooming McIntyre for a significant singles push beginning either later this year or in 2019. He’s pegged for a program with Roman Reigns and there is also talk of turning him babyface so that he could feud with Strowman.