Kevin Owens Undergoes Double Knee Surgery

Kevin Owens

After being brutalized by Bobby Lashley in a post-match assault on Raw last week, Kevin Owens underwent successful surgery to both knees on Tuesday, can confirm. No timetable has been released for KO’s return to the ring.

The former Universal Champion tweeted the following image this morning:

This angle was done to write Owens’ character off storylines and turn Lashley heel. Dave Meltzer reported last week in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Owens could be out action for four to eight months.

“It’s been reported he will be undergoing arthroscopic surgery and several company sources have said that but that isn’t entirely accurate. They don’t know the full damage to the knee and won’t know until it’s opened up. The minor surgery is what is hoped for with the idea he just needs cleaning out,” Meltzer wrote.

“Obviously, he’s able to walk and has been working on the bad knee for a while, but wrestlers at that level are awfully tough about injuries and very often these injuries get a lot more serious. It is also possible he will need major surgery and the determination won’t be made until his surgery date next week. The expected timetable right now is about four months off if it’s minor surgery and eight months if it’s major surgery.”

While there’s no word yet on the severity of his knee injuries, it doesn’t look like he underwent a minor procedure.