Lars Sullivan’s Letter To WWE Magazine In 2009

Lars Sullivan

Did you know that Lars Sullivan once had a letter published in WWE Magazine?

Well, before he became Lars Sullivan.

Back in 2007, WWE Magazine published a letter from Dylan Miley, a 20-year-old from Arvada, Colorado, explaining that his girlfriend dumped him because he loved WWE.

Instead of staying home for his girlfriend’s birthday, Miley chose to attend WWE’s ECW One Night Stand pay-per-view event on June 12, 2005, at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City. He brought her home a T-shirt as an apology gift, which she declined.

Miley would go one to become Lars Sullivan, WWE NXT Superstar. Here is his letter.

“I was the high school football jock and she was the very sexy, 5’4″, 120-pound cheerleader. We were together for two years and matched up perfectly. We both liked sports. I attempted to get her into WWE by bringing her to live events. She didn’t like them, but they were my treat, so, she came anyway. I would go to her high school volleyball games. That was our compromise. The only thing that tore us apart was my obsession with wrestling and her dislike of big, oily men smashing each other with steel chairs. Things finally came to a head when I traveled to New York City for ECW One Night Stand in 2005. Her birthday fell on a day of the trip. Of course, she took it as an insult. She said, ‘If you go, then it’s over.’ Honestly, I didn’t care ’cause I was never gonna miss One Night Stand. After I returned home, I tried to smooth things over. I even gave her a present for her birthday; it was an ECW shirt. We haven’t spoken since.”

Click here to see a scanned photo of Miley’s letter in WWE Magazine, which also includes a snapshot of the future WWE NXT Superstar wearing an Austin 3:16 T-shirt.

Click here to see a bigger, clearer photo of 20-year-old Miley wearing an Austin 3:16 T-shirt.

According to Justin Barrasso’s profile on him last month for, “ECW ran through Sullivan’s veins,” with Shane Douglas and Mike Awesome as his two favorites.

Miley is also a fan of Tommy Dreamer. Click here to see a photo of the future WWE NXT Superstar meeting the ECW icon at an autograph signing.

Finally, Miley did actually play high school football. Click here to see a photo of him in uniform during a game.