Enzo Amore and Big Cass Talk About Their Promos, Kevin Nash Comparisons, More

Enzo Amore

CBS Sports recently conducted an interview with WWE RAW Superstars Enzo Amore and Big Cass. You can check out the full article at this link, but below are some key highlights:

Cass on Kevin Nash comparisons:

“I get that comparison a lot. I watch a lot of Kevin Nash’s matches. I use a lot of his stuff. I definitely use a lot of his mannerisms. Kevin Nash had a swagger about him. A lot of those things that I watch kind of rub off on me.”

Their promos:

Enzo: “I remember being told ‘You’re wasting material, you’re doing too much!’ But week in, week out, I went up on that stage in front of Dusty Rhodes, and when I was done speaking, he would look at me and just give me a nod. Dusty called it how he saw it, man. If he thought you were terrible, he was gonna tell you. If he thought it was great, he might give you a little pat on the back, but more than likely he was just gonna look at you and nod.”

Cass: “Me and Enzo were doing promos together in Dusty Rhodes’ promo class in 2013. We were going over a promo in my apartment, which is what we used to do the day before promo class. Enzo said ‘S-A-W-F-T, sawft.’ I thought it was funny, so we did it in the promo [class].”

Cass on Enzo making him laugh in the ring:

“Sometimes I definitely crack up in the ring. If I tried to consciously go in there and keep a straight face, I’m sure it would be very difficult. I’m not gonna try. If he’s gonna make me laugh, then I’ll let the world see me laugh.”

What Cass is focused on:

“I wanna be the guy that is the WWE world heavyweight champion or the WWE universal champion. I wanna be the guy that’s main eventing WrestleMania year after year. That’s always been my goal. That’s still my goal. But for now, the ride that me and Enzo are on, the journey we’ve been on is just so, so good. So for right now, my focus is on a tag team. My focus is on the WWE tag team championship.”

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