Eva Marie Talks Heat With Other WWE Divas, Whether She’ll Have Kids, Her Job In College

Eva Marie

Eva Marie, who made her televised return to the ring on this week’s episode of WWE NXT, appeared on AfterBuzz TV to discuss fan scrutiny, heat from fellow WWE Divas, when she may have children and more. Highlights from the interview are as follows:


July 22, 2015


LOS ANGELES, CA – Total Divas star Eva Marie visits Maria Menounos‘ AfterBuzz TV, responding to the WWE Universe scrutiny and disclosing which Divas have her back and when she may have children. Joining hosts Kaori Takee and Christy Olson, of the Total Divas After Show, Eva reveals she once worked a desk job and talks about her famous red hair.

Both fans and Eva’s Total Divas‘ co-stars have questioned her devotion to the WWE and wrestling skills. Speaking out in this exclusive interview, the reality star says, “I’m still trying to wrap my head around why there was so much heat, for me training when I’m just trying to get better at my job. So I’m still, you know, trying to figure that one out.”

Talking about the future, Eva dishes details on her recent return to the ring and her plans for having kids with husband of nearly one year, Jonathan Coyle. “I don’t think anytime soon because I feel, like I said, I just arrived within the WWE,” adding that her hubby joking says, “‘I don’t know if I can handle another one of you.’”

While the reality star describes laying it all on the line on Total Divas, one thing we may not have known about Eva is that she counted cookies to pay her way through college. “And so I remember working at the office for like a little, little bit,” she recalls about a job at Mother’s Cookies. “Basically I was in charge of the orders of how many iced oatmeal cookies or whatever this store gets and…Can you imagine? I used to go to all these different grocery stores and have to count the shelves and figure it out.”

As fans continue to watch her relationship with Nikki Bella and the rest of the Divas play out, Eva makes a definitive promise, in this exclusive interview. “All red everything is here to stay.”