Ex-WWE Employee Reveals Disturbing New Details About Chris Benoit’s Death

Chris Benoit

It’s been nine years now since the Chris Benoit murder-suicide shocked the wrestling community and the wider world as a whole.

The former WWE World Heavyweight Champion killed his wife and son, before eventually killing himself at the family’s home in Georgia.

Speaking to legendary professional wrestling announcer Jim Ross on The Ross Report, former WWE personality and current ESPN broadcaster Jonathan Coachman spoke a bit about Benoit around the time of the death.

According to Coachman, he was pretty good friends with Benoit before the wrestler’s passing, and Coachman revealed that the Canadian superstar actually missed his wedding — which was one the same weekend as the murder-suicide — so he could take care of some “family matters.”

“For me, what is so close to home, and I’m divorced now, so life is good, but that happened on the day I got married and him and I were friends,” Coachman said.

“I’m getting married and it’s just a tough thing. It’s a tough thing that those things happened on the same day.”