Former WWE Star On Why Andre the Giant and Randy Savage Didn’t Get Along, If Andre Hurt Other Wrestlers

Andre the Giant

Two dozen years after his death, Andre the Giant remains one of the most memorable stars in the history of professional wrestling.

HBO, WWE and Bill Simmons will now add to this renown through a documentary on the oversized grappler that they announced this week will soon begin production.

News of this documentary led Tampa Bay Times writer Paul Guzzo to reach out to former WWE Superstar Lanny Poffo for some memories.

During the interview, Poffo explained why his late brother, Randy Savage, didn’t get along with the giant.

“Andre hated baby oil,” Poffo recalled. “But Randy wouldn’t stop wearing it. He stubbornly said Andre’s gimmick is being a giant and mine is baby oil. He never backed down from Andre and they never got along because of it.”

Poffo also claimed that Andre never took advantage of anyone in the ring.

“He never physically took advantage of people, but he could have if he wanted to,” Poffo said. “He was careful with everyone. He didn’t want to hurt people.”

Another one of Poffo’s favorite Andre tales occurred on Dec. 28, 1985.

They had a show in Buffalo and Andre forgot to bring a deck of cards to kill time in the locker room for the few hours before it started.

“Playing cards was his one of his favorite things to do in life,” Poffo said.

So, Poffo asked a girl he knew to go buy a deck. When Poffo surprised Andre with the cards, a tear trickled down the cheek of the giant.

“He took his big hand, put it behind my neck and gave me a kiss on both cheeks,” Poffo said. “From then on he called me ‘boss man.’ I was like the mouse that took the thorn out of his paw and we were friends for life.”

You can check out the full interview here.