Heat On Lana and Rusev For Argument At Airport

Rusev and Lana

On Wednesday’s edition of MLW Radio, Konnan said that the latest round of heat on Lana and Rusev within WWE stems from an incident that happened at an airport last week. Lana yelled at Rusev in public at the airport, which once again has her in hot water with WWE management, while Rusev is now getting heat of his own for not standing up to her.

The valet can’t seem to stop irritating the powers that be in WWE, although this is the first time that Rusev has really fallen victim to the heat she has generated.

For his part, Rusev has denied both Dave Meltzer’s report about heat on the couple and Konnan’s specifics about the situation.

Lana first ran afoul with management in October, when she accidentally revealed she was engaged to Rusev while she was in an onscreen relationship with Dolph Ziggler. In November, Dave Meltzer reported there was “nuclear heat” on Lana backstage over the incident.

Her stock in WWE has drastically plummeted since April of last year, when she was reportedly being groomed to be one of the new faces of the company.