Hulk Hogan and Triple H Meet Face-To-Face At HBO Andre The Giant Documentary Premiere (Photos)

Hulk Hogan

Hulk Hogan was on hand for the premiere of HBO’s Andre the Giant documentary Thursday night in Los Angeles, California as “The Hulkster” rubbed elbows with WWE Superstars and executives, like Triple H.

Hogan and Triple H were photographed having a face-to-face meeting on the red carpet. Here is a photo from a person who attended the event.

A photo has also surfaced of them shaking hands.

Hulk Hogan and Triple H

Since WWE was heavily involved in the making of the documentary on Hogan’s former rival/friend, there were whispers that this appearance signaled Hulk moving closer to a return to the company.

But, WWE released a statement earlier in the day to clarify that Hogan was only at the event since he was such a big part of Andre’s history.

“Hulk Hogan is an important part of Andre the Giant’s history, however his appearance at tonight’s HBO premiere of the documentary and his plans to help others learn from his mistakes does not mean WWE is rehiring him. Hogan is not scheduled to be at any upcoming WWE events.”