Hulk Hogan Responds To Mark Henry Saying That He Should Apologize To Black Wrestlers For Racist Rant

Mark Henry and Hulk Hogan

Hulk Hogan says it’s all wrestlers he owes an apology to for his past use of the N-word … it shouldn’t just be black wrestlers he has to say sorry to.

TMZ Sports caught up with Hogan out at Los Angeles International Airport and wanted to get his thoughts on Mark Henry saying that before Hogan is reinstated in the WWE, he needs to apologize to the African-American performers.

Mark’s point was that Hogan has specifically offended these men and women, and he should specifically address them before he gets to come back.

Hogan definitely agrees amends have to be made but says he actually needs to do it across the board.

“I totally agree with him, not to the black wrestlers, to all the wrestlers. What I said was way out of line and I’m forever sorry for that.”