Hulk Hogan Returning To WWE? – Hogan Spotted Near The Site Of Extreme Rules

Hulk Hogan

In an interesting bit of timing, Hulk Hogan flew into Cleveland, Ohio last night with Jimmy Hart (who is often his traveling partner for wrestling-related business). Cleveland is only a two-hour drive from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where WWE Extreme Rules is being held tonight.

Two fans in Georgia tweeted that Hogan was on their flight to Cleveland.

This has fans buzzing about Hogan potentially returning to WWE return in some fashion, especially since he tweeted this photo from his “back yard” while on an airplane.

PWInsider heard last night from two different readers that Hogan and Hart were spotted leaving Cleveland airport. A quick search online was unable to turn up any publicly announced Hogan appearances in the area over the next several days.

While there’s no confirmation of a Hogan return as of this writing, the timing of the flight, the lack of any known Hogan appearances this weekend and the fact that Hogan was trying to make fans believe he was actually home in his backyard in Florida certainly point to something greater going on.

PWInsider reported back in March that there were talks between Hogan and WWE regarding a return to the company. There was also talk of Hogan appearing at the Greatest Royal Rumble event in Saudi Arabia but the idea never came to fruition.

Hogan did an interview last month where he addressed a potential return to WWE.

“Things are moving in that direction quite quickly,” Hogan said. “It’s all about execution and timing and the right place and the right time, but things are good.”