Is WWE Planning To Have Sasha Banks Turn Babyface?

Sasha Banks

With Sasha Banks at ringside during a match between Brie Bella and Naomi this past Monday on Raw, the crowd notably chanted “We want Sasha!” Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter Dave Meltzer sees this as a sign that a babyface turn may be in the works for “The Boss.”

“The idea appeared to be to start a Banks babyface turn and try to use the “We Want Sasha” chants as a positive to storyline instead of it being fans chanting it as a protest voice against the women on the main roster,” Meltzer stated in this week’s newsletter.

That possibility seems even more valid in light of the wording of the official WWE website’s recap of the match:

“The WWE Universe still wants Sasha Banks, which, ironically enough, might end up being bad news for Team B.A.D…The cacophony threw the B.A.D. figurehead off her rhythm just long enough for Nikki to lay Naomi out with a forearm, hit the Rack Attack and go home with the win.”