Jake Roberts Agrees To Drop Charges Against Davey Boy Smith Jr. For Throwing Coffee At Him

Harry Smith and Jake "The Snake" Roberts

Davey Boy Smith and Jake Roberts have settled their differences after a phone conversation set up by Bret Hart when Smith Jr. and Roberts were at an autograph session.

Roberts agreed to drop all charges on Monday for an incident at WrestleCon in New Orleans, Louisiana on April 7 where the two had a heated exchange of words and Smith threw coffee at Roberts. Smith then fled, although Roberts’ daughter went after him.

It was reported two weeks ago that Smith was wanted for battery by New Orleans police for the incident.

Following the incident, Smith explained his actions in an interview with Wrestlezone.

Smith said that Roberts refused to apologize for comments he had made about Smith’s late father, the British Bulldog, on a podcast years ago with the late “Rowdy” Roddy Piper — Piper hosted a podcast until his death in 2015.

Smith says he offered Roberts the chance to step outside to settle their differences in a fight after he refused to say sorry for previous remarks.

Roberts then allegedly told him to “fuck off” and Smith reacted by throwing the coffee at him.

Both apologized to each other over phone and Smith agreed to do a public apology, which he did today on social media.

“I’d like to announce publicly and officially that I spoke with Jake Roberts on the phone today and we squashed heat we have for what happened at the WrestleCon event,” Smith wrote on Facebook.

“I apologized and said I would apologize publicly as Jake agreed he would be dropping any charges pressed against me. I’m a man of my word and I’d like to say sorry to any fans that I stressed with this situation also. I wish Jake all the best and glad that we squashed the heat. I actually had spoken to Roddy Piper before he passed away about the podcast Jake and he did. I’m certainly glad we worked things out, as Roddy died [not] long after.”

Smith reposted the message on Twitter but tagged an account impersonating Roberts instead of the WWE Hall of Famer’s real account @JakeSnakeDDT.