Jerry Lawler On If WWE Asked Him To Replace JBL, Disagrees With Sasha Banks On Overzealous Fans

Jerry "The King" Lawler

On this week’s Dinner With The King with hosts Jerry “The King” Lawler and Glenn Moore, WWE Hall of Famer Bret “The Hitman” Hart joined the show to talk about The King’s feud with Hart in the early 1990s. They reminisce about some of their matches and discuss how Hart’s parents loved Lawler’s jokes and insults over the course of the feud.

Lawler also talked about some newsworthy subjects, including if WWE contacted him about coming back full-time as a commentator with JBL leaving, Sasha Banks’ recent comments on overzealous fans, and wrestling on Christmas. The King also shares a funny story about a fan showing him a tattoo of Vince McMahon on his butt, which Lawler took a picture of and sent to Vince.

Lawler on a Vince tattoo on a fan’s butt (15:35 mark):

“He says, ‘I have Vince McMahon tattooed on my ass.’ I go, ‘Well, show me!’ This guy is in line in front of a bunch of people and he drops his pants. And right there on this guy’s left cheek of his butt is a big tattoo of Vince McMahon. So I texted the picture to Vince, and the response I got from Vince was, ‘OMG.’

Did WWE contact Jerry about coming back full time (22:50 mark):

“Umm, no. But if they did, I missed the call. I was more than happy to come back to fill in for Booker T on Raw when the hurricane kept him from being able to be at the show. But if they were to call me and ask me to come back on a full-time basis, it would be a really, really tough decision to make. If they said I was going to make the same money as I did before, that would go a long way in making me consider going back again.”

Working on Christmas (29:05 mark):

“I would never wrestle on Christmas. That’s almost sacrilegious to me. I wouldn’t do it.”

Sasha Banks’ comments on overzealous fans (33:45 mark):

“You can’t be offended or get mad at them when you accomplished what you set out to do, and that’s be famous. So I think Sasha Banks needs to step back and think about what Bubba Ray Dudley says, because they will be a day when nobody is waiting for an autograph, and you’ll wish you were back in the way it is now. But you gotta stop and for just a minute and explain that you will try to come back later or you’ll trying to eat your pizza while it’s hot. You can’t just ignore them. If you take a little time and be nice to those fans, that usually works out for the best.

“There are stalkers out there, people who can be dangerous out there. I’m looking at it from my own, male perspective. But Sasha is looking at it from her perspective. I understand both points of view though.”

You can listen to the full episode here.