Jim Ross Says Hulk Hogan Should Lay Low On Twitter

Hulk Hogan

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross is often seen as the voice of reason regarding many topics in professional wrestling. He receives his fair share of criticism from fans, but often is praised for his thorough thinking.

In his latest blog entry, Ross again comes to the defense of Hulk Hogan, who recently parted ways with WWE following the leaking of racial slurs he uttered in a private conversation on tape. However, in the new post, Ross offers advice to Hogan regarding the usage of social media:

Hulk Hogan remains in the news and is likely to continue to do so until another celebrity story breaks. Hulk arguably would be helped if he laid low on Twitter for a few weeks. Hopefully Hulk has retained PR professionals, a sensitivity training expert and he decides to stop trying to rehabilitate his image on social media at least for the time being. I am a big believer in forgiveness and have no reason to believe that Hogan can’t or won’t be forgiven in time if he goes about it in a sincere, thought out manner. Even if some believe that Hulk did nothing wrong, his public image, of which he earns a living, has taking the big leg drop and it needs rehabilitated.

In my years of dealing with Hogan I never knew of him being a racist or having racist behavior. I can’t read his mind or look into his soul but can only respond to what I’ve personally witnessed and that is I would never earmark him as being racist based on my interactions with him.

No matter how one comments on this hot button issue, many will disagree. That’s fine as long as the dialog remains civil which is often times impossible to achieve on social media platforms such as Twitter.

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