Randy Orton On John Cena – “Does He Still Wrestle?”

John Cena

Is Randy Orton throwing shade at John Cena for pulling out of WWE Crown Jewel?

It seems like Orton threw some Cena’s way before boarding the plane to Saudi Arabia. When TMZ Sports asked Orton how he felt about Cena pulling out of the trip, the SmackDown LIVE Superstar replied, “Does he still wrestle?”

Orton continued, “I didn’t know he pulled out.”

WWE promoted Cena as one of the participants in the WWE World Cup Tournament at Crown Jewel, but it was announced on Raw that he’ll be replaced by Bobby Lashley.

Cena is rumored to be boycotting the trip over the Saudi Arabia government’s alleged role in the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

Orton previously said he feels the WWE should push forward with the event to help make a positive change in the region and “make things better everywhere.” But Wednesday, he admitted money is also a factor.

“I’ve got five kids. I gotta go make that dollar. If they want me in Saudi, I’m going to Saudi,” Orton said.

Orton was joined at Washington Dulles International Airport by Sheamus, The Miz, and other SmackDown LIVE Superstars. Sheamus told TMZ Sports he’s not worried about the political drama — he’s focused on putting smiles on people’s faces. The Miz provided a similar message as he said traveling all over the world and entertaining people is his dream come true.