John Morrison Offers His Thoughts On Triple H Becoming WWE World Heavyweight Champion

Triple H

During an this week promoting Lucha Underground, former WWE Superstar John Morrison offered his thoughts on Triple H winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at the Royal Rumble.

“Well, there’s two ways to look at negativity,” Morrison said in response to whether it’s a bad thing for the boss to be champ. “One is, that’s heat, and if Triple H is the champ and he walks out to an arena full of booing fans that’s what wrestling is all about, and maybe that’s not a bad thing.”

He continued, “And two, being a part of the roster and working every show, every day of the year, and then having the boss put the title on himself . . . kind of stings a little bit, but at the end of the day it’s his business, he can do what he wants with it.”

You can check out the interview here.