John Cena Wears Lucha Mask Backstage At WWE Live Event (Video and Photo)

John Cena

If you watched WWE in 2010, you undoubtedly remember John Cena’s feud with The Nexus.

Cena faced Wade Barrett at Hell in a Cell with the stipulation that if he lost, he would join Nexus. After Barrett defeated Cena, he joined The Nexus, and was forced by the anonymous Raw general manager to follow their orders or be fired. Cena and fellow Nexus member David Otunga defeated Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre to win the WWE Tag Team Championship at Bragging Rights. Later that night, he was forced to help Barrett defeat Orton in a WWE Championship Match, giving Barrett the disqualification win, but not the title. The following night on Raw, Cena and Otunga lost the WWE Tag Team Championship to fellow Nexus members Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel, when Barrett ordered Otunga to lay down and lose the title. At Survivor Series, Cena officiated a match for the WWE Championship between Wade Barrett and Randy Orton. Per stipulation, if Barrett didn’t win the championship, Cena would be “fired” from WWE.

Orton defeated Barrett to retain the title, thus terminating Cena’s WWE contract. The following night on Raw, Cena gave a farewell speech, before costing Wade Barrett the WWE Championship by interfering in his rematch with Randy Orton. A week later, Cena invaded Raw, first as a spectator, but then attacked members of Nexus, explaining that he would still take down Nexus one by one, despite not having a job in the WWE anymore. On the December 13 episode of Raw, Cena was rehired by Barrett in exchange that he would face him on December 19 at TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs in a Chairs Match, which Cena won.

Following Survivor Series, Cena worked four house shows wearing a lucha mask where he claimed to be his Mexican cousin, Juan Cena. It didn’t lead to anything since it was done for Cena to appear at live events despite being “fired.”

At last night’s WWE live event in Huntsville, Alabama, Dasha Fuentes was interviewing Lucha Housey Party when Cena, wearing his Juan Cena mask, suddenly appeared.

Lince Dorado tweeted a photo of Cena with the mask on, calling him “Juanito.”

Cena worked the show, but as himself and without the mask. He headlined the show, beating Baron Corbin in a No Disqualification Match.